MY story

My name is Michael McCumber, aka Mike The Marine LLC. As the name implies, I am a Marine Corps veteran, writer, director, and storyteller. I founded this production company back in 2012 with a clear vision and mission -  to tell great stories.


Modern entertainment lacks a unique and compelling narrative. Politics, fringe cultural agendas, and corporate censorship have removed truth and individualism from storytelling.


As Walt Disney once said,

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” 


But many creators are afraid. Whether it be Twitter mobs, cancel culture, censorship, or even self-censorship, most would rather walk the line then upset the powers that be.

If that faulty wisdom prevails, the problem will become worse.


We need a space for stories that buck the mainstream and rebel against the collective narrative. That is what Mike The Marine is - an independent space of artistic freedom.


Personally, I refuse to be a mindless drone plugged into a binary matrix. 

I hope you do too.