I am a Marine Corps veteran who founded MIKE THE MARINE back in 2012, shortly after enlisting in the military, with a clear vision and mission - to tell great stories.


Modern entertainment swallowed the blue pill long ago, and our culture is in crisis mode because of it. Politics, fringe cultural agendas, and corporate censorship have removed authenticity and individualism from storytelling. Men are emasculated, women reverse engineered, and massive tech monopolies orchestrate societal destruction.


Many creators fear the big bad wolf tech monopolies, but their overreach is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The same insanity that spawned blue pill storytelling mutates social networks into digital mobs canceling facts, opinions, or perspectives that don't align with the mainstream agenda. Digital overlords that control the big tech media apparatus then enact Orwellian policies that enforce the mob's arbitrary demands. 

These woke walkers rove society to force culture in their fringe image, and media oligarchs praise their work. Then, the cycle repeats. Contrarian creators do not dare oppose them because they fear the consequences.

But, silence will not guarantee you protection or loyalty in an Orwellian world.  

As the old saying goes, the only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. 

Mike The Marine is a maverick brand of storytelling. We buck the mainstream and revel in the rebellion as a band of renegade storytellers.

The game is over for Hollywood and Silicon Valley. 

Become a renegade and stick it to the digital overlords with us.


We fight for the soul of the story.

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