80s Thriller “Shadow’s Edge” by Mike The Marine Breaks Mainstream Mould

Updated: Jan 27

From the creator of the award-winning short film, The Dark Resurgence, comes Shadow’s Edge - an 80s thriller about a gang of irreverent rebels in the fall of 1987. The film presents an authentic look into one of the most memorable decades in history, which sets it apart from other modern movies about the 80s. Mainstream writers and directors have developed a pattern of creating alternate realities when depicting the past. Old world sentiments don’t align with the current curriculum of mainstream pop culture—so activist creators rewrite history through their sense of ideological self-righteousness and disservice the truth of the past. With regards to modern 80s movies, they’ve become glorified Halloween rallies where everyone wears vintage clothing and drives old cars, but the people attending act nothing like their historical doppelgängers. The distinction must be made clear between propaganda and authenticity.

The goal of Shadow’s Edge is to show that the story never lies. Deep within every independent creator is an authentic story that desires to be unleashed, but fear stops it. The space between desire and fear is a self-destructive monster. The greater the distance grows, the greater the beast. Until filmmakers relocate their backbone and produce authentic content that doesn’t concede to recreational outrage, the creature will rage. Shadow’s Edge represents creative freedom with the hope to empower other filmmakers to unleash their authenticity.

The director of Shadow’s Edge is a Marine Corps veteran who firmly believes that independent storytelling cultivates the most genuine expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Shadow’s Edge features a breakout cast from southern California: Avan Ariy, Andrew Biernat, and Mauricio A. Saldana.

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