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Tales of the Sith: Ep III - The Desolation of Korriban

Updated: Jan 24, 2023


The Sith homeworld of Korriban entered galactic history following the Hundred-Year Darkness — a fracture of unity within the Jedi Order. In the beginning, the desert world hosted many species that battled for planetary dominance. Relics have been discovered as early as 30,000 BBY that indicate the planet was ravaged by wars between the Killik, Rakata, and infamous Sith species until the Sith King Adas’ unified his kingdom and forced all other races off of the planet. With no one to contest their dominance, the Sith ruled over Korriban with impunity until the arrival of the exiled Dark Jedi. Their overwhelming power using the Dark Side allowed them to subjugate the Sith with ease. While dominance in battle was widely respected amongst the Sith species, the unlimited power the Dark Jedi exhibited compelled the Sith to worship them as gods. For generations, the Dark Jedi ruled Korriban, interbreeding with the native Sith until a distinction could not be made between the two. As time passed, Sith descendants learned and practiced the Dark Side of the Force until the evolved species became a powerful Empire to be reckoned with.

However, this power bred division once again as Sith factions battled for supremacy. Numerous Civil Wars erupted and scorched Korriban’s surface as a result of the warring factions between members of the Sith Order. After the Great Hyperspace War and continued internal conflict, Korriban experienced a period of abandonment. Most Sith leaders were either exiled or dead, and Korriban’s native inhabitants scattered to the wind. Korriban became a desolate wasteland for many years until the Great Galactic War that began a new age of prosperity under a resurgent Sith Empire.

Eventually, the Sith resorted to in-fighting again and were defeated. The constant division amongst the Sith Empire led to the rise of Darth Bane, who condensed Sith teachings and eradicated all the Sith — except for one Master and one apprentice. This became known as the Rule of Two. Believing the Sith to be decimated, the Galactic Republic recognized the once war-torn planet of Korriban as Moraband, attempting to erase the historical atrocities of the Sith Empire. Due to the planet’s location in the Outer Rim, lack of resources, and no advantage to inhabit, the planet was lost to history. Without any knowledge of Korriban, the planet was scarcely traveled under the rule of the Galactic Empire, save for one — Darth Sidious — who self-proclaimed himself Sith Emperor under Darth Bane’s rule of two. Without the Sith species present to contest Sidious’ claim, he believed himself to be the most powerful Sith in the galaxy.

During the widespread interbreeding between Dark Jedi and native Sith, a small but proud sect of Sith warriors separated themselves from the mainstream affairs of the Empire. They believed in keeping the Sith isolated from external conflict. When the Sith were exiled from Korriban after the Great Hyperspace War, the sect traveled beyond the reaches of Wild Space and inhabited a world home to a species of wild devilish beasts. While they maintained their pure Sith blood for decades, the Sith population was in decline. To continue their race, they began breeding with the indigenous beasts of their new home and birthed a hybrid species that was extremely powerful. As the lost tribes of the Sith expanded, they forgot their ancient homeworld and the wars that ousted them from their home. Living in isolation, they were unaffected by the onslaught of Darth Bane’s Rule of Two and subsequent Sith heirs.

For hundreds of years, the lost tribes of the Sith neglected their ancient call to war and conquest until the ascension of Darth Seraph, the last Sith of pure blood. He taught the forgotten histories of the Sith and how the Jedi stripped them of their homeland. Under a reinvigorated influence of the old teachings from his ancestors, Seraph could feel Korriban, infused with the Dark Side of the Force, calling the Sith home. He decided the time of isolation was over. When the lost tribes returned to Korriban in secret, Seraph felt the presence of another Dark Side entity exercising rule over the Galaxy — Darth Sidious. Seraph’s advanced use of the Dark Side concealed the Sith presence on Korriban while the Empire slowly crumbled at the hands of the Rebel Alliance. Seraph would not risk open war so soon if he did not have to. Instead, the Sith rebuilt the old temples and mastered the ancient teachings of the Sith to prepare for their return. Korriban would rise to prominence again and this time, the Jedi could not stop it.


Tales of the Sith is a fan-fiction series that surrounds the events of Mike The Marine’s award-winning fan film, The Dark Resurgence, which creates an alternate Star Wars timeline after the events of Return of the Jedi. Sign up for my email list to receive updates on future episodes and narrative films.


Tales of the Sith: Episode III - The Desolation of Korriban

Written by Mike The Marine and Rodney Mosley

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