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Tales of the Sith: Episode VII - The Lost Tribe | Season 1 Finale

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

From the moment I conceived of the idea to bridge the gap between the original Star Wars canon and The Dark Resurgence, I envisioned a complete deviation from the sequel trilogy. As Star Wars has become increasingly product-focused over the decades, the quality of movies and T.V. shows that have resulted have been subpar.

The low bar has made average movies seem great, but they are without a doubt a far cry from the maturity and intensity of well-produced lore that the Old Republic video games established. Even the juvenile elements within Return of the Jedi waned the more serious tone of The Empire Strikes Back and gave viewers a glimpse of the expansive merchandise marketing to come.

Without getting into the pros and cons of each trilogy and the rhetoric of their creators, I wanted to create a Star Wars world that extracted what I believe to be the most interesting elements and focus on them.

I came up with the idea for Tales of the Sith as a way to explain how the events of The Dark Resurgence fit into the broader Star Wars universe and its connection to The Old Republic.

A question (or complaint) that arose from The Dark Resurgence regarded the identity of Lord Vycus and his master. Some viewers wanted more information on their backgrounds and motivations. I admit a cloud of mystery surrounds their contentious dynamic. At a minimum, their discourse alludes to an embattled history that climaxes in backstabbing betrayal.

When I first wrote a summary background for their characters, it detailed who they were, their position within the empire, and some relevant history that helped in the making of the film. Most of what I wrote generated more questions about their life and how it led to their leadership within and over a resurgent Sith Empire.

A few questions I asked myself:

  • How did they reach their position? Was dirty politics involved?

  • Was the Empire against Vycus? or a select cabal of high-ranking Sith?

  • Why was Vycus betrayed? Was he disloyal? Did he commit treason himself? Or was it hate based on jealousy? If so, why?

If you have any experience with creative writing, you know the list of questions can be endless, but they are invaluable for comprehensive world-building.

After writing down different questions regarding the characters, I expanded to the empire as a social and military structure.

  • How did the Sith Empire's resurgence come about in such a way to allow for the ascension of Lord Vycus and his master?

  • How long was the Sith Empire resurgent before Vycus' defeat and betrayal?

  • What battle(s) or events led to that defeat?

  • What intergalactic histories, told or untold, interacted and influenced one another to lead to the precursors of The Dark Resurgence?

It was a daunting yet stimulating prompt to consider. All these questions made me realize I needed to go back to the beginning - to the ancient Sith species of Korriban, their cohabitation with exiled Jedi, the offspring that resulted, and the unforgiving empire that emerged.

The storyline I developed changed everything following Return of the Jedi. To avoid canon/non-canon controversy, I made this a parallel timeline - a 'what-if' scenario. This allowed for unlimited possibilities of new villains, species, and locations while remaining faithful to the pantheon of respected lore preceding the Disney takeover and sequel trilogy disaster.

One of the lore deviations that take place in season one is the story of Darth Xenokis and how his sacrifice ignites a chain reaction of events that changes the course of the canon in the future. More specifically, the Disney canon.

To fully understand the backstory and motivations of Lord Vycus and his master, as well as the events that led to the resurgence of the Sith Empire, it is crucial to watch Season 1 of Tales of the Sith. I don't want to spoil the surprises and twists of the story for those who haven't seen it yet, but I can guarantee that Season 2 will delve deeper into these changes in the Star Wars lore in order to provide a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of the story.

I've thoroughly enjoyed writing each episode and I am excited to complete a second season that would not only flesh out the Tales of the Sith series in its own right but also more clearly detail the connection between the series and The Dark Resurgence.

Most of the content from season 2 and moving forward will be original (i.e. characters, locations, and artwork); I can't rely on the existence of current artwork and cinematics to accurately illustrate what is happening. That is where your support can help us to achieve that goal. With your help, we can create a truly immersive and captivating Star Wars experience that stays true to the spirit of the original canon while also introducing new and exciting elements. So, if you're a fan of Star Wars and want to see a fresh take on the universe, please consider supporting us in our journey to bring Tales of the Sith to life.

Watch Tales of the Sith: Episode VII below or all of season 1.


How Can I Support Future Episodes?

Donating is the best way to help us elevate the series. With your support, we can continue to raise our production quality and deliver the best content possible. Your donation will help us cover the costs of labor and increase production quality.

One of my goals for season 2 is to create original art (with some 2D animation) for future storylines.

If donating isn't an option for you, you can still support us by liking the video on YouTube, leaving a comment with your thoughts, and sharing it with your fellow Sith brethren.

Donate now by clicking the 'donate' button below, or watch the episode on our YouTube channel. I appreciate your support.

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