Tales of the Sith: Episode 1 - Return of the Sith

Updated: Dec 27, 2021


Long ago, two great wars led to the believed extinction of the Sith- the Great Hyperspace War (5000 BBY) and the Great Galactic War (3681 BBY and 3653 BBY). Many legends that arose from those ages have inspired the greatest of good and the worst of evil. The ancient Sith arose from the heart of misfortune, made a slave to dark sorcery, and filled with a venom that their native culture employed with unforgiving precision. Through a long lineage of wars and fatal consequences, they earned galactic infamy. While their enemies shuddered at the thought of battling the fearsome Sith who ravaged systems across the galaxy, a more dangerous battle brewed within the walls of their infamous Empire - ruinous dissension. At the height of the Golden Age of the Sith, a great rivalry catapulted the Sith forward into the Great Hyperspace War with the noble Republic. Atrocities committed in that war plagued galactic history for thousands of years. Although the Sith were mighty warriors, their proclivity to the dark side of the force doomed them to ruin. At the end of the Great Hyperspace War, Naga Sadow, who was the Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith, fled from the Sith homeworld of Korriban after suffering terrible defeat. He came upon the distant moon of Yavin IV and exiled himself for millennia, encasing his body into a Sith sarcophagus waiting for someone to awaken his power. Without Sadow’s reign over the Empire, an opportunity arose for a new leader to rebuild it from the ashes. Lord Vitiate, leader of the planet Medriaas, viewed the turbulent time as a means for his own rise to power. He proclaimed himself the new Emperor and fled to the unknown regions of the galaxy with eight-thousand Sith Lords, searching for the future home of his rebirthed Empire. In the unknown regions, a sect of Sith splintered from Vitiate and colonized a hidden world beyond his control and the Republic. For thousands of years, they upheld the tradition of the old Sith Empire sparingly interbreeding to maintain the purity of their race. As time passed, the Sith colony flourished and forgot about the existence of Sith beyond their realm and the wars that ousted them from their home. Throughout the tyrannical rule of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy believed the Sith species to be a legend of the past. Many didn’t believe in their existence at all. That was until a rising power in the lost tribes of the Sith, named Seraph, seized the throne through ritualized combat. Under his rule, he acquired historical knowledge of Korriban, the Sith exile, and the Great Hyperspace War. Upon further investigation, he discovered his ancestral extinction and fall of the Republic. Knowing the Empire was too developed to be defeated, Seraph patiently waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. Through years of careful planning, he inspired the lost tribes to not forsake their birthright and purpose- to rule the galaxy as gods. Their homeworld was stolen from them, their brethren murdered, and their history erased.

Vengeance was inevitable. Seraph vowed he would make the galaxy remember the Sith once again. After the Battle of Yavin, the lost tribes re-inhabited the ancient temples of Korriban under the cover of a violent storm. The wisest Jedi in the galaxy could not have foreseen a threat thought to be extinct for thousands of years. Without the Jedi to oppose their return, Seraph’s Empire successfully replanted itself and readied for war. When the rebellion defeated the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Endor, Seraph ordered his Dark Council to lead a Sith Resurgence against systems that were once responsible for their exile. THE ANCIENT SITH HAD RETURNED.


Tales of the Sith is a fan-fiction series that surrounds the events of Mike The Marine’s award-winning fan film, The Dark Resurgence, that creates an alternate Star Wars timeline after the events of Return of the Jedi. Sign up for my email list to receive updates on future episodes and narrative films.


Tales of the Sith: Episode I - Return of the Sith

Written by Mike The Marine

Disclaimer: Tales of the Sith is a non-profit work of fan fiction that is not intended for commercial use and/or connected to Disney or Lucasfilm in any official capacity.

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