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Tales of the Sith: Episode V - The Sith Holocaust

Updated: Oct 2, 2023


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

After the defeat of Naga Sadow, the Jedi besieged imperial territories to exterminate the Sith species. The Galactic Republic’s Supreme Chancellor Pultimo vowed the Sith would NEVER again wreak chaos and destruction across the galaxy.

The Sith race ended here.

“The men, women, and children must die,” Pultimo commanded.

Defenseless and outnumbered, the Sith scatted in fear as their blood bathed the sands of Korriban.

This genocide became known as the Sith Holocaust.

After the Galactic Republic murdered billions without remorse, they ended the war believing their enemy to be no more. But…deep in the dark, the Sith endured.

On the edge of the outer rim, the Dark Lord Vitiate, who controlled the isolated planet of Nathema, survived the Sith Holocaust, unaffected by the Empire’s struggles.

After Vitiate received word of Sadows’ defeat and the eradication of the Sith species, he summoned all surviving Sith Lords to Nathema with the promise of a ritual that would unleash the full power of the Dark Side on the Republic.

The Lord of Nathema vowed the Sith would rise from the ashes and reconstitute their fallen Empire. Thousands joined Vitiate for retribution, but some resisted his call.

The Sith Who Rejected Lord Vitiate

Under the influence of the deceased Ludo Kressh, one tribe dissented. Darth Xenokis, the tribe’s leader, criticized Vitiate as an opportunist who abandoned the call to Korriban’s defense as their people were slaughtered.

Xenokis refused to bequeath Korriban for Nathema and directed his followers to start anew outside the realm of their fallen Empire. Because he was a respected warrior, other Lords joined his cause threatening Vitiate’s authority and galactic domination plan.

Death from Defiance

To crush the seed of defiance, Vitiate sent mind-controlled saboteurs to kill Xenokis aboard his warship upon departing Korriban to the far reaches of space. Vitiate believed that he could manipulate the remaining dissenters into believing the Jedi were to blame since the last contender was dead. If the tribes believed their mortal enemy killed Xenokis, they would pledge their loyalty to Vitiate without question.

However, the plan did not proceed as Vitiate envisioned. Xenokis’ last son, Zyon, discovered the saboteurs and defended his father before succumbing to death. Xenokis ordered the infiltrators tortured to uncover who ordered the attack, but Vitiate warped their minds beyond reason. Realizing the futility of torture, Xenokis executed them.


Many Lords seethed at the suspicion of Vitiate as the perpetrator, but Xenokis was certain the Dark Lord of Nathema was responsible.

Surmising those saboteurs were meant to destroy his warship, Xenokis engineered it to leave Korriban unmanned and rigged with explosives.

Soon after the warships erupted in a fiery blaze among the stars, Vitiate received intelligence that his nemesis was dead and, like a fool, believed the deception.

Xenokis knew that Vitiate would discover the truth of the saboteurs’ failure if they did not return to their master. And so he assembled seven of his finest warriors aboard the saboteur’s vessel and charted a course for Nathema.

Xenokis vowed that Vitiate would feel the wrath of the fallen warriors he had forsaken during the war. He would cry ‘mercy’ at the suffering he endured for the murder of the innocent. Vitiate’s cowardice and lust for power would be met with swift rebuke. His hands wreaked of the blood of his people. Their deaths would not go unavenged.

Xenokis knew there could be no victory without sacrifice. He embraced destiny and accepted an inevitable but glorious death.

And the Lord of Darkness was upon him…for he had arrived at Nathema — thirsty for blood and vengeance.


Tales of the Sith is a fan-fiction series that surrounds the events of Mike The Marine’s award-winning fan film, The Dark Resurgence, which creates an alternate Star Wars timeline after the events of Return of the Jedi.

About the Author

Mike The Marine is a Marine Corps veteran, maverick filmmaker, and storyteller. He unleashes the power of storytelling through independent films, series, and comics. He is known for writing and directing the award-winning short film, The Dark Resurgence and other shorts such as Wrath of the Empire: A Tale of the Sith and Shadow’s Edge.

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