Behind the Scenes of The Dark Resurgence (2018)

Updated: Mar 3

In December 2015, I started writing the first draft for The Dark Resurgence, the first Star Wars film I had ever produced.

What I imagined to be a simple production evolved into a year-long revenant marked by sweat, blood, and tears.

Fast forward five years, and it still leaves me with a strong sense of accomplishment. Leading a cast and crew over nine months through a freezing winter in the mountains to scorching summer heat taught me more than any book I ever read on filmmaking. I made mistakes, friends, and unforgettable memories.

The love and dedication poured into this project, and others like it, often go unnoticed in the modern age of social media videos by the millions. Still, I hope to illustrate the arduous process we as a team went through in the making of the film.

Even though we weren't able to have a full-time behind-the-scenes videographer during every step of the process, the team banded together and recorded what we could when we could.

I've compiled most of what I have to show you the production process from the very beginning to the glorious end.

May the Force be with you.

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