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Introducing MetaKing | Narrative Podcast

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Mike The Marine proudly presents a new narrative podcast made with a mission - to unveil old truths to the new age - MetaKing.

Tell Me More.

MetaKing uniquely commentates on various issues related to current events and most notably pop culture in America (and the West) in order to provide insights into this fallen world through a blended lens of theology, philosophy, and history.

As MetaKing journeys through a treacherous darkness of secular paradigms, destructive praxis, and deceptive evils with the most enticing allure, do not lose heart or hope, because the Light of Truth WILL prevail.

How Can I Support Future Episodes?

MetaKing videos take weeks, months, or most recently 10 months to write, edit, and produce. I take a methodical approach to each video topic to produce the highest quality video possible. With every episode, I become more proficient and can elevate the content in new and exciting ways.

Your support can help the series tremendously.

More support = more videos more frequently more consistently.

You can help the series in a number of ways:

1) Like the video on YouTube.

2) Comment a thought or question about the video (or a part you found to be stellar)

3) Share the video with a friend or family member that may find it interesting or enjoyable.

4) Donate

Donating is the best way to help us elevate the series. With your support, I can continue to work toward a full-time schedule of producing quality content.

If donating isn't an option for you, you can still support the series by liking the video on YouTube, leaving a comment with your thoughts, and sharing it with someone.

No matter which option you choose, thank you for your viewership, engagement, and support.

Mike The Marine

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