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THE DARK RESURGENCE is a fan fiction short film that establishes a parallel universe after the destruction of the second Death Star. In this alternate timeline, the lost tribes of the ancient Sith emerge and embark on a campaign to conquer the galaxy. Lord Vycus, a powerful Sith commander, is appointed to lead a coalition of forces against rebel systems fighting back against the Sith Empire's control. When his forces are nearly destroyed, he retreats to an unknown world, awaiting reinforcements from the Dark Council.

Inspired by The Old Republic, THE DARK RESURGENCE blends beloved concepts, ideas, and characters from the Old Republic era into the present timeline of the original trilogy. 

THE DARK RESURGENCE was written,  directed, and produced by Michael McCumber. Teaming up with a cast and crew of fellow Star Wars fans, Mike embarked on a two-and-a-half year adventure to make this vision a reality, taking on the roles of cinematographer, fight choreographer, editor, sound designer, and visual effects artist and supervisor. This project was a true test of passion and determination for all those involved with the production process.  



THE DARK RESURGENCE has been selected to thirteen film festivals from across the world, received four awards, and has garnered over 170,000 views online.

THE DARK RESURGENCE has been selected to thirteen film festivals from across the world, received four awards, and has garnered over 170,000 views online.


THE DARK RESURGENCE came about after Star Wars fans across the world got a first look at the Force Awakens. We wanted to go a different route and create an alternate continuation to the events after the original trilogy. This allowed us to have a lot of creative flexibility and usher in new enemies that we believed rivaled the threat of the galactic empire. Our love for The Old Republic and Sith Empire led us to inevitably pit a resurgent Sith Empire against a battle-hardened rebellion. 

Starting in late 2015, we started writing the story to this tale of the Sith. After casting characters in January 2016 and rehearsing through February 2016, we had our first two days in production on February 20 and February 28, 2016. These first two days were a true test of our ability to adapt and overcome many obstacles that came our way. We were working with no-budget, all volunteers, RAW footage, and transporting over three-cars-worth of gear up and down a mountain.

The first two days did NOT go according to plan. There were a lot of logistical issues that thwarted our ability to stay on schedule. To make matters worse, no one could schedule reshoots until early May. 

After months of waiting due to scheduling conflicts,  we decided to scratch all the old footage and start over. The seasons changed and the location looked completely different now that it was no longer winter. On top of rebooting the production, one of the main cast members quit the project in early May too, which presented us with two options: move forward with a new actor or quit. Quitting was never an option. 

We pushed ourselves to the limit and casted a new actor, trained him in the fight choreography, and shot over a span of three months (July, August, and September).  The remaining green screen footage we needed for the hologram sequences were shot in January 2017 extending production to a full year.  The next year and a half were dedicated toward producing all the visual effects for the film. Since we didn't have ILM at our disposal, we had to perform a majority of all the visual effects, editing, and sound, with the exception of four shots outsourced to various freelancers.

No Budget?


Have no budget is fairly common in the indie filmmaking community. These days, everyone is a filmmaker trying to crowdfund or receive financial support for their movie idea. The level of over-saturation makes it extremely hard to produce a film that is high quality with limited means.

We know the difficulty of producing anything beyond utilizing reluctant friends or family members, but you have to go the extra mile to make it worthwhile. It won't be easy, but there are other passionate filmmakers out there that can help you make your vision a reality. The skies are the limit.

THE DARK RESURGENCE has been selected to thirteen film festivals from across the world, received four awards, and has garnered over 200,000 views online.




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