Wrath of the Empire continues the story of The Dark Resurgence on Korriban. In the wake of Vycus' death, his brother, Syren, unlocks an ancient artifact that threatens the stability of the Sith Empire.

behind the scenes

1 Weekend. 30 hours. 115 degrees. 100% passion.


photo gallery

Due to tight scheduling and limited manpower during filming, getting behind the scenes content was a challenge, but we walked away with some captured memories.



Written, Directed, and Produced by:
Michael McCumber


Daniel Sosa Porter 

Aleksander Davignon

John Aviles

Rodney Mosley

Darien Jordan

Production Coordinator

Alexander Garcia

Camera Assistant(s)

Melanie Green

Jillian Trelease


Erik Cram

Set Photographer

Jillian Trelease

Makeup Artist(s)

John Aviles

Lexsy Aviles

Frequently asked questions

What is the release date? 

To be determined. We launched a Kickstarter for funding preproduction on the series on February 28, 2019, but funding was unsuccessful. Considering the massive budget the script would take, we may release the story as a season in our Tales of the Sith lore series.

How long did it take to make the teaser?

Eight months.

Where did you film the teaser?

We filmed in the Southern California desert and Mount Laguna.

Is this a sequel to The Dark Resurgence?

It is. Read more about the story here

Is this a feature film?

Originally, we planned for a feature-length film but opted for a feature-length web series to have more flexibility with production costs. Currently, the movie project is no longer in production until adequate funding is acquired. 

How can we support the project?

There are different ways of supporting us. You can share the teaser, donate to our projects via Paypal, Patreon, or SubscribeStar, or grab some of our movie merchandise.