Wrath of the Empire

film series, 2019-






WRATH OF THE EMPIRE is a fan fiction film series that continues the parallel universe established in THE DARK RESURGENCE. After Commander Valkyrie KILLS Lord Vycus, the Sith Emperor sends his Wrath on a secret mission to retrieve Darth Vycus’ body and verify his death. His failure, banishment, and death were shocking to many in the Empire who regarded him as the most loyal and powerful Sith of the era. Now, with Vycus removed, no one dares challenge the supremacy of the ancient Sith overlords. However, there is one who feels that Vycus’ death is only the beginning - his brother, Darth Syren. When he is warned of a sinister plot that threatens the Empire, he consults an ancient holocron for answers.

WRATH OF THE EMPIRE blends beloved concepts, ideas, and characters from the Old Republic era and Expanded Universe into the timeline of the original trilogy. 

WRATH OF THE EMPIRE TEASER was written,  directed, and produced by Michael McCumber. This project is more ambitious than any Star Wars fan series that has ever been produced. Mike The Marine LLC is currently seeking financial support to move forward with production on episode 1 in this series. 



WRATH OF THE EMPIRE came about as a way to pay homage to the Expanded Universe and ancient Sith Empire. For years, Star Wars EU fans across the world have wanted a film that brings a ton of Sith Warriors together in an epic adventure as seen in The Old Republic cinematic trailers and video games.

This was our way of doing that! We understand how much love and passion is devoted to the many characters that have appeared in The Old Republic storylines. Our approach to this series is to craft a thrilling adventure that captures that love and passion! 

To launch the project, we filmed a teaser trailer for a Kickstarter campaign during the summer of 2018. We spent a full weekend in the Southern California mountains and the Anza-Borrego desert to capture a glimpse of our vision for the series.

We worked in 115 degrees heat over the course of two days to make one 30-second teaser trailer. You can imagine the logistics involved for making a feature-length series with a ton of Sith Warriors battling it out over the sands of Korriban. That being said, nothing worth anything ever came easy! 

After 8 months of post-production, we released the teaser in conjunction with our Kickstarter campaign. We were unable to reach our goal, but we continue to pursue a path toward making the project a reality. 



Written, Directed, and Produced by:
Michael McCumber

Presented by:
Mike The Marine LLC


Daniel Sosa Porter 

Aleksander Davignon

John Aviles

Rodney Mosley

Darien Jordan


Production Coordinator

Alexander Garcia

Camera Assistant(s)

Melanie Green

Jillian Trelease


Erik Cram

Set Photographer

Jillian Trelease

Makeup Artist(s)

John Aviles

Lexsy Aviles