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Storytelling has become a faint shadow of what it once was in the post-modern era. We live in an age of movies-made-by-committee. Politics infect everything. No independent thought or expression survives the digital overlords without their unilateral consent or approval.

It's time to put an end to their reign over independent creators.

You are an essential part of our fight against the mainstream.

While Hollywood bathes in billions, we work around the clock to create what we can with what we have at the highest quality possible. COVID-19 made that even more challenging with new regulations that suppress independent creators even further.

To give you an idea - The Dark Resurgence took two-and-a-half years to complete, and Shadow's Edge took one-and-a-half. Your support will help us go above and beyond a one-man band to a powerhouse of renegade creatives to share superpowered stories that buck the mainstream.

Our current projects are The Dark Resurgence remaster, an upcoming fantasy comic book, and an untitled feature film.

Thank you for your support and donation.

We have different options available for donation listed below.

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