Hollywood is dead. Storytelling has become a faint shadow of what it once was in the post-modern era. Hollywood creates movies by a handpicked committee of group thinkers instead of independent creators. No thought or expression survives the filtration process without extensive alteration to comply with the daily propagandized narrative. 

We at Mike The Marine Entertainment are not trying to save or change Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or Apple TV. We have walked away to forge our own path as independent creators unleashing the power of the story one production at a time. 

You are a crucial part of our production process. 

While Hollywood bathes in billions, we work around the clock to create equal quality at a fraction of the cost. Your support will go far in all we do. 

Our current projects are Shadow's Edge, an upcoming fantasy comic book, and an untitled feature filmThe more support we receive the faster we can move through productions and release it. 

We have different options available for donation. 

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