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The War Against The Father: Unveiling The Battle Between Truth and Lies in the Modern Age

Consider the question: Who are you?

As simple or complex as the answer may seem, it unleashes intense introspection that often gives way to unbridled psychosis in denizens of the digital age.

Self-identity is a battleground of the mind, and it has taken on unique dimensions in the new era.

A distorted inversion of truth surrounds identity as it pertains to the natural design of sex and gender. At the core of this distortion, the battle between these realities stems from a rejection of the divinity of God the Father.

Man does not reject what he loves. If he loved it, he'd welcome it. Man rejects what he hates.

To reject the Father is to hate the Father.

The present age, ironically abundant in knowledge and blinded to enlightenment, refuses to hold self-evident truths as societal standards. Since the new age forgoes the wisdom of the Father, many confound their minds to a dark abyss of existential crisis without a guide to the light. Wandering the dark, devoid of truth, recycles hopeless contemplation about oneself that inevitably leads to perpetual despondency.

Depressive states spread like wildfire, fueled by the insanity of mass media, perpetuating behaviors that deepen the state they emerged from, resulting in an endless cycle of destruction. Moreover, the media reinforces false hope, establishing an illogical dichotomy that equates depression with bliss, as if the highway to hell climbs the stairway to heaven. In this distorted reality, society forsakes truth, distorts the fabric of existence, and erroneously glorifies hellish realms as heavenly ideals.

In the realm of earthly knowledge, lies coexist with truth and good with evil.

To successfully navigate the world, one must understand that knowledge is not truth. Even if one knows the truth, one can refuse to walk in the truth.

If a lie is democratically-deemed ugly, many are quick to abandon its charade and flock to reality.

When observing the inverse, one sees that many will bask in the deception of a beautiful lie.

The power of truth works in different ways for different people. It softens the hardest of hearts who seek the illumination of God the Father and all His glorious shades. It also hardens the wretched wickedness of Man who'd rather make truth a lie so he can declare his shame as glory.

Here is a simple story that exudes the idea of the truth hardening the heart of a child.

A father accompanies his son into a store. The child sees a plaything he desperately desires. The father looks at the price tag; it is too much. He can only afford what they need and no more. The child cannot accept his father's refusal to pay for the plaything he cannot justify purchasing. Despite being aware of the father's reasoning, the child rebels against his father's budgetary discretion in a fit of rage. The clash between truth and the child's carnal desire for earthly possession hardens his heart, and his flagrant emotion becomes the medium through which he expresses his state.

The father and son exemplify the relational equivalence Western society shares with the truth about who we are. Whereas the father in the story conveyed the truth to his son, a divine extrapolation reveals that God the Father is the Truth.

The cosmos, with its elliptical orbits, the mid-earth wind stream, the force of gravity, and Earth's specific position, operates under a set of precise operations and laws. These phenomena reflect the intricate design of God and embody the truth inherent in His intelligent creation.

For example, the elliptical orbits that confine celestial bodies reveal a meticulous balance and order, demonstrating the underlying truth of God's power and design.

If we acknowledge the existence of various truths in different subjects such as moral laws, land, biology, space, and even the unknown realms of the universe, it logically follows that there must be something that encompasses all of them.

Mathematical logic can help us understand what that something is - a superset of truth.

Just as a set exists within a larger set, the endlessness of the cosmos suggests the existence of a superset that holds all truth, providing a comprehensive framework for understanding the nature of truth itself.

If you think about truth in its supreme and sovereign sense, the word 'God' is the only word that can fully embody the entirety of endless truth.

God is the superset of truth.

Within His truth, there are subsets of truth that contain elements we can understand within the confines of scientific knowledge. However, scientific knowledge cannot achieve an understanding of truths outside its limits.

It would be unscientific to ascertain that all subsets of truth can be reached through scientific methods since all things cannot be seen or measured through earthly means.

A familiar example of this is the experience of dreams. We can all attest to the personal occurrence of a dream, some as real as the world we know when awake. However, no one can prove or observe another's dream; we cannot see or touch it. All we can do is believe that the dream did occur, and we have no reason to doubt it because we all have experienced a dream that we cannot observe of another.

Science, by its nature, relies on observation and empirical evidence to understand the natural world. However, when it comes to the 'science of the divine' or the spiritual realms, such as the existence of God, these transcendental aspects cannot be directly observed or measured.

Therefore, science cannot fully comprehend or know the 'science of the divine' due to its dependence on observable phenomena. An example of this limitation is the James Webb telescope's recent study on the position and life cycle of newly observed stars, which challenges the theoretical viability of the Big Bang Theory and highlights the boundaries of scientific exploration.

The disparity between science and truth means that science and truth are not synonymous. If that is the case, then science must be scrutinized as it may fall under untrue suppositions that we know are simply not true at any time such as 'if God does not exist, then [x]'.

No reasonable person could walk into a gallery of Bob Ross paintings and conclude they birthed themselves through some sort of nothingness-osmosis of randomized chances. You'd be ridiculed and labeled a fool for such talk.

If truth is truth, then all subsets of truth belong to itself. Therefore, they cannot and do not contradict. If science seeks to coexist within the truth, then it must also not contradict truth. If any conclusion in science derives from an untrue supposition, then that science is a lie. At which point, we must question the purpose it serves if it claims to enlighten us by deceiving us.

Any discussion about truth must begin with God, since all things originate from God. If we were to assume the originator as void, then how could nothing hold the something that is truth? We reach a logical fallacy that cannot rectify itself.

That is why the first words in the Holy Bible are, 'In the beginning God'.

Henceforth, we surrender to the truth of God that He is the supreme and sovereign King of Kings and Lord of Lords above all things in heaven and on earth.

All understanding of truth that follows throughout human history hinges on the fact that God ordained it all.

When you accept God as the source and essence of all things, it logically follows that God is the sovereign intelligence over all creation, as everything falls under God's sovereignty.

God's omniscience permeates all aspects of existence. As an omnipresent power, God holds the universe together with supreme precision.

Even though scientific laws can explain why things act and react in the manner that they, we must pose questions that explore the deeper forces that make them work and sustain their consistency over time.

How have scientific laws remained unchanged for thousands of years?

What mechanism maintains orbital and gravitational equations throughout the ages?

Further exploration into the underlying powers that govern universal laws reveals the hand of God that holds the universe to its order.

God is not merely a distant entity in heaven that declares truth to man. He made the truth of all existence and holds its consistence with almighty supremacy. All sets of truth exist within God's domain and God is everywhere. Therefore, God is truth.

Colossians 1:16-17 explains this in detail when equating Jesus Christ and God the Father:

For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him: And He is before all things, and by Him, all things consist.

Thereby, hatred for the truth is hatred for God the Father.

It is impossible to despise truth and simultaneously love the Father. Likewise, one cannot love the truth and hate the Father.

Those who wage war against inescapable reality choose the way of a fool and wreak madness upon their minds. It is a state of mind that rejects the Father and truth. But regardless of where your mind falls, you will never alter the state of your being as God the Father made it to be.

You can choose any word of any language but no power under the heavens will change who and what we are. God the Father commands the state of all existence and He alone holds the power to change it.

But ignorance of the truth of one's identity does not stand idle. Dark forces propel the haters of truth into becoming raging activists, a part of a sect that we shall call the Envangelizers of Evil. They incite and amplify hatred toward the truth, appealing to the inherent wickedness of humanity.

As their dark army grows, the light fades from our shores, enabling an onslaught of evil upon what good remains.

In a conscionable society that operates according to the Father's design, those who stumble toward darkness would be warned of their misstep; others urging them to return to the light lest they be lost forever.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a society guarded by a keen righteous conviction. America and the West suffer under self-inflicted decay. Collectively, they have rejected the Father in whom righteousness resides.

Without the Father, we are left without truth, and without truth, we are left defenseless against the insidious lies that seduced man to his fall.

Ultimately, the rejection of the Father is the harbinger of death.

Sadly, these warnings do not sway a godless world. Invertedly, many quicken their pace into the heat of the night without want of a return to the light.

Those blessed with eyes that can truly see witness the present evils that pervert, invert, and subvert the truth in the world. Likewise, understand the ease at which we can fall to distress and horror under the affliction of the present wickedness of the age.

The wicked work in our midst, prowling to devour the light from within all who cherish it.

America and the West's descent into darkness signals a reality the God revealed thousands of years ago: Satan is the prince of the power of the air and the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience.

Do not misunderstand the reality of the world to mean we exalt man over man. As a matter of truth, we all fall short of the glory of God.

But what marks the difference between the sons of disobedience and the children of God?

No difference can be achieved by the power of our wretched human nature for if wretchedness charted any course, it would sail wretched forever.

The Father charts the course for His children. He changes our minds (and thereby our hearts) so that we can deny the sin of our nature and abide in His. We undergo a spiritual rebirth so that we may start a new life in Him.

We imperfectly strive for the Father because we know that our life is short but our Father is everlasting.

The Word of God speaks on the nature of life in James 4:14:

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

Often, we become so consumed with temporary things we lose sight of the heavenly ones; seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Unfortunately, the world exalts itself, and those caught in its chaos and confusion neglect the thought of their eternal destination.

When your eyes are on the Father, your eyes are on the truth.

To know who you are, you must know the truth.

To know the truth, you must know the Father.

Satan seeks to destroy that relationship so we cannot know the peace that comes when we know who we are and the purpose for which the Father called us to fulfill. Satan seeks to drive the Father's design for man out of himself and make him hate who the Father made him to be.

The devil weaponizes the manless man to thwart the Father's design to foster a family in righteousness, defend the truth of our Faith, and proclaim the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

All the madness around us is not a war between men but a war between the evils within him, its prince, Satan, and the goodness of God. It is a war against the Father, our highest Patriarch, and His chosen people.

If we reject who the Father made us, then we reject the truth and the life found in Him.

While the world hates the Father, there exists a few, even still, in the darkness of this evil age, who possess the will and desire gifted by the saving power of Jesus Christ to honor the great fathers before us, inspire courage in the fathers among us, and proclaim the truth of our Father to come.


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