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Your Father and Fate: A Matter of Faith

Updated: 7 days ago

In the comprehensive climax to MetaKing Episode 3: Hatred for the Father, we come to an inextricable conclusion between our fathers and fate. History provides rife examples of humans searching for a father to serve: for a god to follow. Some look externally. Others, internally. Whether you serve a personage, a golden calf, a cell phone, a lifestyle, a video game, or yourself, your service will ultimately lead you to an end state of life or death.

The god of this world is the evil one, Satan, the prince and the power of the air. Faith in a dying world produces death. A man has a birth; he has a death. The world had a birth; it too, shall have a death. But, if there is death, there must be life. And the Conqueror of Death must undoubtedly be the Lord of Life.

Since the beginning of creation, the devil has attempted to thwart God's design and plan. The devil assumingely believed that seducing man to sin was a triumph. He seduced God's precious creation to turn against Him which made the world God loved, cursed. Yet, the corridors of time and the hall of faith unveil what the devil could never have expected: a plan beyond the realm of his spiritual and mental framework. Through an ongoing testament with man, God illustrated the damnation of man's sin through the fear of God and His Law. He also illustrated the merciful gift of the Grace of God through Calvary and Christ's death on the cross and resurrection thereafter. We can now be with our Father again knowing the difference between a life cursed and an eternal life blessed. We can now know God and His Paradise as the children of God.

Since our fall, we have undoubtedly failed in every area of possible perfection to please God's intent for us to live a life and life more abundantly. Nevertheless, God is unchanging and his love never ceases. We have an incredible opportunity in this brief wisp of our mortal existence to trust and believe in the God of our fathers, Jesus Christ, Creator of the worlds, Gifter of Eternal Life, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.

No matter who you choose to serve, we will all stand face-to-face with our Father.

Your father and fate are a matter of faith, life and death. Believe wisely.

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