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©2019 by Mike The Marine LLC

Shadow's edge

short film, 2019



Set in the wonder of 80s nostalgia, Shadow's Edge explores the story of three young rebels seeking revenge on a summer night...



You can also watch the trailer on Youtube and Vimeo!



Presented by 
Mike The Marine LLC

Written, Directed, and Produced by 

Michael McCumber


Andrew Biernat

Avan Ariy

Mauricio Saldana

Director of Photography

Dalton Currie

 Camera Assistant

Jillian Trelease

Steven Porter

Script Supervisor

Braedon Lamee

Sound Recordist

Steven Porter


Jillian Trelease

Patrick Roldan

Production Coordinator

Joie Malloian

Stunt Coordinator

Shane Alexander

Production Assistant

Rodney Mosley