The Dark Resurgence is the first tale within a larger story called Tales of the Sith. Lord Vycus, a Sith Commander, flees to a distant world in surrender when his forces scatter to the wind, defeated. Unbeknownst to him, the Dark Council has betrayed him and provided his location to the rebel alliance, who have sent a small force to annihilate him. The plot thickens beyond the forests of Vycus' demise in the sequel, Wrath of the Empire. The Dark Resurgence is but a glimpse into the dark tales of the Sith that tell of all who desire the one thing that sparks war, spills blood, and spurs rebellion - power. the Sith creed becomes a threat and a promise that there will never be peace, only passion. 

behind the scenes

No budget. All volunteers. Three years in the making.

photo gallery

Due to tight scheduling and limited manpower during filming, getting behind the scenes content was a challenge, but we walked away with some captured memories.